High Performance Distributors is a US companies, dedicated to the auto parts and batteries distribution. Our expertise in sales and logistics are set to provide the best service in the market; with high quality products and competitive prices and promote the commercial development of our valued customers.


HIGHVOLT is a new generation starter batteries, manufactured in compliance with Ca/Ca leading technology, are ranked at the top of their class.

1.- Long Life.
2.- Maintenance Free.
3.- All Climate.
4.- Vibration Resistance.
5.- Free Replacement Warranty.

HIGHVOLT Batteries are build with the highest quality control. That is why all our batteries are in compliance with: Every HIGHVOLT battery is designed and manufactured to the highest standards:

· TS 16949 Certified
· ISO 9000/9002 Certified
· UL Certified

HIGHVOLT Batteries are manufactured and produced with 100% pure LEAD Plates and special additives are added in order to avoid excess water boiling and extend the life of the product.